Monday, May 18, 2009

Quick update

Hello all!  We have had a busy couple of weeks and not much Internet availability.  From Long Island we traveled to Conception Island.  It is an uninhabited island about 25 miles north east of the North end of Long Island.  It was an incredibly beautiful anchorage!  From there we traveled to Cat Island to link up with some other "kid boats" and tour the island.  While there we hiked to the highest hill in the Bahamas which has a hermitage on site.  It was something special to be at a wonderful overlook and enter a one person chapel with its cross as the highest feature in the Bahamas!  On the path up, were the 12 stations of the cross.  Each station was depicted by sculpture or plaque.
From Cat, we sailed to Eleuthera.  We stayed a few days in Rock Sound, a few in Governor's Harbor, and are now in Alabaster Bay, just off the beach from a resort named Cocodimama.  It has some of the best Italian food I have ever eaten!
We plan to move North on Thursday once the weather gets better.  I hope to post pictures soon so stand by!



su johnson said...

I cannot get over how much fun you must be having! Love your updates, and am certainly living vicariously through you and yours. Love and safe travels. Peace. -su

DudFam said...

OK we're jealous, envious...
what a great experience. We're down at CB for the long weekend getting ready to do the beach thing. Have fun-
The Dudleys