Saturday, February 21, 2009

Get to The Point, Stick To The Point

"Get to the Point, Stick to the Point" is the motto of Black Point.  It is the largest settlement between Nassau and Georgetown with 150 to 200 people.  Most of the people work on nearby islands like Staniel Cay, Sampson Cay, or Fowl Cay.  We spent several days anchored here and enjoying some of the island's offerings.  Caroline made a few friends while swimming there.  We toured "The Garden of Eden", a driftwood garden arranged to look like people or animals.  Willie, the "curator" of the garden explained each sculpture in detail.  He also has a green thumb, raising vegetables and fruit in holes in the rocky landscape.
We also visited a place called Big Majors Spot, which is a great well protected anchorage beside Big Major island.  The claim to fame for this island is the wild pigs living on the beach, who are fed by cruisers.  Caroline fed them an apple and they seemed to really like it.  They squealed and came into the water to get closer!  We snorkeled, explored caves at the waterline and found a neat little beach that people use for "happy hour" get togethers at sunset.  Folks have donated chairs and tables that stay set up all the time just waiting for the next group or sunset.
We've also visited Staniel Cay several times.  That's where we get provisions.  We are currently at Sampson Cay while a cold front passes.  Sampson is a great little island resort with little to do but relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Here is a link for Sampson Cay Club:

I also wanted to post a link for Macduffs, the neat little restaurant we enjoyed back on Norman's Cay.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Well, well, well

We traveled south to the Exhuma Park Headquarters in Warderick Wells.  Here, we hand fed birds, hiked to ruins from the settlement in 1760, went to the "blowholes", saw a whale skeleton, visited a genuine pirate encampment complete with fire pit and a freshwater well and, of course went snorkeling.  We stayed for several days and still feel we would like to go back and explore more. 
Here are the pictures of Warderick Wells
Our next stop took us just south of the Park to Compass Cay.  Alyson had read  many good things about this little island so we were eager to check it out.  Compass Cay is known to have one of the prettiest beaches in the Exhumas.  After seeing it, I can hardly argue.  It's greatest claim to fame, however, is the many pet sharks that stay in the marina.  You can feed them, swim with them and pet them.  They even get on the dock during high tide!
I know its hard to believe but see for yourself!